The story of the Maier family.

It always depends on the people.

With your vacation you entrust us with your most important and valuable time of the year. We thank you for that. So that a normal vacation becomes a dreamlike experience, the people behind it always take care. On the one hand, this is our family with its 100-year, unique history and, on the other hand, our team. A well-rehearsed team whose goal is to give our guests an unforgettable time. We thank you every day for that too.

"It is not too little time that we have, rather it is too much time that we do not use."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

So join us for a short journey through time with the Habachklause!

Die frühere Habachklause

Our tree trunk story

1921: Karl Wurnitsch buys the former Hüttenhäusl (ironworks) from the current neighboring Baitz family.

1928: He expands this as an inn with the first guest rooms and calls it Habachklause.

1945: Karl runs the Thuringian hut in Habach Valley at the same time with his daughter Gertraud (Klaus'n Traudl) and his wife Theresa Wurnitsch.

1961: Theresa Wurnitsch is handed over to Gertraud Maier, who is known in the region for the legendary "cranberry cake".

1972: The inn is handed over to Hubert Maier Jun. And Hildegard Maier.

1972: The Maier family builds a stable because Hubert is a trained butcher and passionate farmer.

1974: The foundation stone for the Wildkogelbahnen is laid, until then mainly summer vacationers came.

1976: The Habachklause receives the first comfort rooms with shower and toilet.

1989: The farmhouse is built to make more space for the increasing demand.

1995: Horst Maier converts the existing inn into a 4 star hotel. Since then it has also been clear that the Habachklause is developing towards a family hotel.

1997: The Maier family decides to join the market niche “Die Kinderhotels”. Year after year we have expanded and invested in quality.

2001: The farmhouse is expanded and the first family suites are created.

2003: Among other things, the double rooms on the south side are expanded into family suites, the Fun & Action Park is created, the children's play rooms and the kitchen are expanded.

2004: The baby club is planned and opened in May 2005, another important pillar of the Habachklause.

2013: The expansion of today's wellness area begins.

2015: The buffet area and the lounge are redesigned.

2016: The farmhouse is expanded, the horse stable and the goat and sheep shed are built and the first snow-making system is set up.

2018: The Habachklause joins the "Familotel" cooperation.

2020: Malitz-Hof

Der damalige Gasthof Habachklause