Pool, Spa & Wellness

Your wellness hotel with children in Austria

Children's hotel and wellness? Does it ring like a contradiction? More like a wonderful symbiosis. Because while the kids are on an adventure journey of discovery, the parents are enjoying their well-deserved wellness vacation. Our wellness hotel is therefore more than child-friendly and offers SPA - sanitas per aquam - for young and old.

Health through water is supplemented in the Habachklause by "Sanitas per aeram" and "sanitas per alpem" - also SPA through fresh, healthy air and SPA through the power of the Alps. It all adds up to a small but fine SPA offer from Bramberg to Bali.

The power of those lying around. Ancient Asian wisdom that was introduced by hostess Ni-Putu Widianti-Maier.

Mineralien Tepidarium für wohltuende Ruhe und Wärme

What does our children's hotel offer in the area of ​​wellness?

  • A spacious water landscape for young and old with a panoramic indoor pool, outdoor pool with indoor access, whirlpool loungers and a water playground
  • A small but fine sauna world with a stone pine bio sauna, finnish sauna and steam bath
  • Soothing warmth in the mineral tepidarium and infrared cabin
  • A wonderfully relaxing offer in our Healing Hand Spa all about Asian treatments and wonderful moments of relaxation.