Sauna & well-beeing

Enjoy the warmth and explore wellness

To unwind in cozy warmth after a family hike, a bike tour or in winter after a day of skiing - that's good for your body and soul. The saunas and the steam bath get activated at 2 pm every day. Upon request they can get switched on earlier.

Kunst und Echtholzdeko im Spa-Bereich
Infrarotkabinen für sanfte Wärme
Finnische Sauna mit Aufguss
Kuscheliger Bademantel zum Entspannen
Wellnessbereich mit Naturholzausstattung im Hotel Habachklause
Gemütlicher Wartebereich im Wellness-Turm

Arolla pine infrared cabin

The infrared deep warmth is a natural source of energy and smooth to your skin. Depending on your body temperature, the mild radiant heat gets regulated individually. Especially suitable for kids, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those who seek deep relaxation. The scent of the unadulterated arolla pine has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system. Our arolla pine infrared cabin has a special highlight; it enables parents to chill out and enjoy the warmth while beeing able to look at their children playing at the water playground.

Infrarotkabinen für sanfte Wärme

Mineral Tepidarium

Enjoy time just by yourself or together. The mineral tepidarium is a place of calmness and warmth, which emits from the benches. We recommend to remain in the tepdarium 15 to 30 minutes before and after your massage. It supports to loosen and relax the muscles. Our tip: Drink a cup of spring water before and after your time at the tepidarium. To strengthen the circulation take a cold shower, however start with warm water. Our Spa team is happy to pick you up from the mineral tepidarium for your reserved appointment to escort you to the massage- and beauty rooms.

Mineralien Tepidarium für wohltuende Ruhe und Wärme
Innenbereich der Finnischen Sauna mit Orangen- oder Zitronenduft
Gemütlicher Wartebereich im Wellness-Turm
Hereinspaziert in die Bio Zirben-Sauna mit Farblichtspielen

Bio Arolla Pine Sauna with Colored Light

The bio arolla pine sauna, a classical low temperature sauna with pleasant 65°C and 20% humidity, is a warm air, tropical and aroma bath at the same time. The climate is cycle-gentle and achieves an indulging relaxation, ideal for pregnant ladies and children. The mint-menthol aroma clears the airway and strengthens the immune system. The built-in colored light has a positive effect of boosting the skin firmness and fuels you up with vitality.

Heller Wellnessbereich mit vielen Holzelementen

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna has 95°C. All those in favor of orange and lemon aroma have the opportunity to complete the sauna infusion by themselves. Afterwards find some cooling off at the waterfall- and rain shower or at the open-air spring water basin with indoor entrance.

Regular visits at the sauna

  • Have a relaxing effect on the body
  • Enhance your general efficiency
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve the blood circulation of the mucosal airway
  • Train heart and bloodstream
Naturholzdeko in Finnischer Sauna

Herbal Steam Bath

Who does not love to dive in the fog of the herbal steam bath. Pleasant 45°C, a humidity of 80-100% and the aroma of thyme and rosemary will let you sweat gently.

Wet warmth instead of dry heat

  • Cleans and enhances the airways
  • Supports the circulation
  • Makes your skin tremendously soft
  • Loosens muscle pain
Kräuterdampfbad im Hotel Habachklause