Agriculture & self-sufficiency

Hotel or courtyard? Preferably both!

We are a family-run hotel. And we are a family-run farm. When Grandpa Hubert took over the business, he fulfilled a dream with the farm. Like the hotel, we also run the farm according to the principles of permaculture. A life in rhythm with nature. With nature and not against it. In our fruit and vegetable gardens, the industrious bees of local beekeepers ensure better yields in a natural way. And their delicious honey can be found at the breakfast buffet or in various dishes.


Organic is good. More than organic is better.

Self-sufficiency is very important to us. For the sake of independence, of course. But above all because we can then be sure where the food comes from. The highest level of animal welfare is crucial for us. After all, they are our animals. We are responsible for them. Their species-appropriate husbandry is our top priority. Or to put it another way: our pigs have twice as much space as organic pigs! In addition to the Habachklause farm, we also run the Malitzgut in Rettenbach, which is also a permaculture farm. Here we work with terra preta. Under the motto "Grow food - not emissions!" we keep Pinzgau cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and horses there. We are already able to cover over 90% of the Habachklause's meat requirements from family farming.

Egarteck farm in Mittersill

Poultry, chicken and eggs as well as yoghurt and cream cheese are supplied by the Malitzgut's neighbouring farm, Egarteck Hof. This is run by Thomas' cousin. For him, too, the animals and their healthy husbandry take centre stage. More than species-appropriate and far above the legal standard, he keeps them with love, respect and appreciation - and voluntarily strictly organically. Whether cows, calves, pigs, laying or roasting chickens - the animals spend their lives in small groups, stress-free and with generous free-range opportunities. Here we buy regionally and directly, in an animal and environmentally friendly way.

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