Wonderfully changeable - the Habachklause Restaurant

Gourmet cuisine in a family hotel in Austria

Those who start earlier benefit from it longer. This applies to an eventful day as well as to sustainable enjoyment on a family holiday in the children's hotel. That is why the culinary journey of discovery in the Habachklause Restaurant starts at breakfast, runs relaxed through the day, and then stages the highlight of the day with a regional gourmet dinner. The best herbs and ingredients from the hotel garden ensure true culinary delights, as do delicious meat and sausage specialties from our own butcher's shop. Homemade juices and spirits are the perfect accompaniment.

The all-inclusive cuisine at Habachklause, around chef Thomas Maier and his team, takes you on a very personal journey through the alpine terrain of our homeland. Mountains, alpine pastures and bodies of water have a lot to offer chefs and connoisseurs:

Here, the best products are freshly prepared for you, depending on the season and, if possible, from the region. Enjoy regional delicacies combined with a pinch of international cuisine. Individual tastes are in high season, especially when it comes to our little and young guests!

We, the Maier family, are proud of our homeland and our Asian roots and love the unique variety of products that result from it.

Ambitioniertes Küchenteam im Hotel Habachklause
Koch beim Flambieren eines Gerichts im Restaurant der Habachklause
Lamm mit Kräutern aus dem eigenen Kräutergarten
Teig kneten für selbstgemachtes Brot in der Habachklause

Austrian hospitality and cosiness

.. in the Habachklause restaurant

The perfect indulgence program is part of every great vacation. Since tastes are known to be different, we at the Familotel Habachklause cater to large and small wishes of the entire family with our range of delicacies and delicacies. The children's food preferences are particularly important to us

Our restaurant has:

  • 4 barrier-free non-smoking restaurant rooms
  • High chairs, seesaws, bibs, children's cutlery, painting set and book and a separate HiPP bar for babies and toddlers;
  • Buffet area, various themed evenings;
  • Generous tea, coffee and juice bar;
  • Lounge with comfortable armchairs and sofas;
  • Covered sun terrace with chill-out rattan furniture, view of the Wildkogel, the ski and hiking arena in the Kitzbühel Alps.
Alpiner Lifestyle in der Stube im Hotel Habachklause
Gruppe von Kindern beim Kochkurs im Kinderhotel Habachklause
Seeteufel auf Gemüse mit Kräutern aus dem eigenen Garten
Hirschschinken mit Ei im Teigmantel und Pfifferlingen
Bunte Melanzani-Lasagne auf Kürbispüree
Seeteufel auf Gemüse mit Kräutern aus dem eigenen Garten
Raffiniertes Schokoküchlein mit Fruchtspiegel und Mousse
Lachsfilet mit Wasabi-Cracker auf Gemüse

Vacation goes through the stomach.

On family vacation in the children's hotel.

The culinary philosophy in the Kinderhotel Habachklause favors a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. That means in detail: where only good comes in, only better can come out. Fresh products, preferably from the region and, depending on the season, directly from nature on the plate, are the basis for our balanced gourmet cuisine. National and international delicacies from Bramberg to Asia bring variety to every day of enjoyment.

  • Fresh pastries, cakes and sweet treats from our own bakery and from our baker;
  • Over 100 award-winning bottled wines from top national and international winemakers.
  • Our sommelier Thomas knows many winemakers personally and also has Austrian wine rarities on offer.
  • Exquisite schnapps and distillates, self-pressed apple and pear juices and delicacies made in the Habachklause butcher's shop from our own organic farm round off the restaurant and palate experience.

Roofed sun terrace for daydreamers and nature lovers

The ideal place to unwind.

A place in the sun makes the connoisseur's heart beat faster, which is why our guests can enjoy their afternoon snack on our covered sun terrace. In autumn, heat lamps and cozy blankets are available for cooler evenings.

Auf der gemütlichen Sonnenterrasse relaxen
Gemütliches Frühstück auf der Sonnenterasse
Auf der Sonnenterrasse entspannen
Herrliches Frühstück auf der Sonnenterasse
Auf der gemütlichen Sonnenterrasse entspannen
Heller Loungebereich zum verweilen und entspannen
Lounge mit Holzausstattung und Polstermöbel im Hotel Habachklause
Heller Lounge-Bereich mit Naturholzausstattung im Hotel Habachklause

Habachklause Butcher's & Agriculture

Knowing where it comes from...

The unique quality of meat and delicacies is guaranteed by the onsite butcher and livestock of Alfons and Hubert Maier, who enjoy an excellent reputation with their regional specialties. Behind every piece of meat is a long development, starting with the breeding and feeding of our animals with hay until slaughter and proper maturation of the cuts. The majority of the processed cuts of meat in our butcher's comes from animals reared at the Habachklause farm over months or even years with a lot of love and patience.

We are here while the calves, pigs and lambs are growing. Small farms, intact cultural landscape, cultivated by farmers for centuries and Austrian national parks - these together are the healthy breeding grounds for the ingredients of our cuisine.

If something does not come from our own butchery, we know exactly where our meat and the other food comes from. The Habachklause is a traditional business and knows their suppliers in person since many years, sometimes even generations.

Metzgermeister mit selbstgemachten Würsten in der hauseigenen Metzgerei